DMS 789 Co.,Ltd

DMS789 aims to act as a one-stop shop for document 
preservation and digitisation. We use microfilm and digital technology or 
combine both to delivery our customer needs in their document
management and preservation. Our document management systems 
commonly provide versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing, 
searching and retrieval capabilities.

Digitisation and Microfilm Service 
Our state-of-the-art technology makes it possible for us to digitise books, 
large format document (form A0-A4 size), maps, historical writings, 
or rare books. Our specialised machine can scan and digitise valueless 
historical books or inscriptions in its original binding format 
without damaging the originals.

Our microfilm service can transform microfilm originals both in microfiche 
or roll film (16 or 35mm) into digital file format.

It is also possible to have the output for your document management 
requirements in both digital and microfilm formats.

Digital and Microfilm Machine Repair and Maintenance
DMS 789 has a team of highly qualified engineer to maintain all 
Zetuschel machines supplied by us. Our team can also repair microfilm 
scanner, microfilm reader, microfilm developer, microfilm printer, and 
brightness measurement (?) machine for microfilm systems,and blueprinting

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