OS 14000 A0 / OS 14000 A0 LS

        The A0 high end scanner for maximum performance and perfect images
               - Bookscanner with highest scan quality
               - Scan resolution 400 ppi – 6.3 lp/mm
               - fastest scan speed
               - Perfect Book
               - 3D scan technology for perfect book curve correction
               - Parallel scanning and saving process due to 64 bit technology and multi-threading
               - Scanning in both directions
               - High productivity due to ROI-scan feature (limitation of scan area)
               - Color reproduction is true to the original
               - No UV/IR radiation
               - No reflections with high gloss originals
               - Ergonomic working with and without glass plate
               - OS 14000 A0 HQ:
               - Highest image quality




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