OS 12002 V 

The high performance scanner for particularly valuable books.

- max. opening angle 90° 
- Automatic work mode: automatic positioning of the book, automatic opening of the glass plate and automatic lowering of the book support plates after scanning, automatic start of scan, electronically controlled book pressure, continuously adjustable in 5 steps for protection of the documents 
- gentle book scanning, no contact with the book page 
- double-page processing 
- working without glass 
- ROI-scan feature (limitation of scan area) 
- higher productivity - best results without additional post processing 
- Perfect Book - 3D scan technology for automatic book detection and perfect book curve correction 
- automatic white balance for best and constant color quality 
- no UV/IR radiation 
- low exposure to light (illumination will only be activated when scanning) 
- no reflections with high gloss originals 
- ergonomic working position 
- excellent cost-performance ratio 

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